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Find your Truth

Life Coach and Meditation



I traveled the world to find what I had inside me the whole time. Meditation is my life; inquiry helps me understand myself. I understand that suffering and pain can be eliminated when you live in the present. 


I now serve the planet as a teacher of self-discovery, a coach for life, and a guide to alleviate suffering using meditation as medication.​ Contact me anytime for a private one-on-one or any questions.

See you soon.

"Find your Truth and live from presence"

Join me in observation every Monday and Thursday from 6 to 7 PM and live in experience.

With over 5,000 hours of experience in this practice of sitting, and observing what is.


Thank you so much luc!!! the way I was able to access my inner truth in our sessions and now on my own thanks to meditation and communication tools means everything to feels amazing to know myself.

Anthony B. Italy

I was stuck, and now I am free. The goals we set out for me felt impossible, and now I am living them. I am mindful, grateful and living in the present. Seeing reality for what it is and living in truth are some of the things I learned in our sessions. My meditation practice is flourishing. Thank you so much Luc 

Liz G. USA

Luc is truly eye-opening and recharges my batteries with his amazing energy. So skilled and knowledgeable. I'm learning new tools every time we speak and I'm growing with every meeting, Thanks Luc!

Nick H. Canada

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