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Come enjoy a retreat in a beautiful, natural, peaceful, and calm setting to learn the art of silence


a retreat with accommodations, meals, and refreshments


This unique 1-day experience is intended for those who wish to discover or initiate the silence within and also for those who wish to replenish the silence and don't have much time.


We will make your experience a delight with meditation, silence, ayurvedic food, spa, sauna, pool ect...

Spa and Wellness


This 2-day, 1-night retreat is intended to dive fully into silence and meditation with 1-night of sleep at the center.

Retreat includes meditation, ayurvedic food, yoga, spa, sauna, pool, silence, massage

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2053 chemin d,athelstan Hinchinbrooke

Quebec Canada  J0S1H0

1-(514) 952-7813

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